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The Mirador Resort Blue Zones

Blue Zones have been determined by scientists as places where the world,s longest-living people reside. In different press publications (National Geographic, International Living etc. ) it was discribed that Costa Ricas Nicoya peninsula is one of the 4 special regions in the world ( beside spots in Italia, Panama and Ecuador ) where a surprising high number of people live well into their 90s and 100s. Samara is a District of the Canton de Nicoya.

The scientists studying the old people of Samara and of the Nicoya Peninsula found different key reasons for this longevity.

Last to mention that all the 4 hotspots of longevity are charactesised by its quiet envirement , unspoiled nature, away from poluted dense pobulation sites Ė reasons that attracts locals and foreighnors from all over the world to choose Samara as second or even first home.