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Local Activities and Birdwatching

In Samara you can spend your daytime relaxing on the beach, enjoing the warm waters of the Pacific, reading a book under the shade of the tropical trees or just hang out at the swimming pool of the Mirador. Apart you have the choice to entertain yourself and your family with some of the following activities.

Boat Tour:

Boat tours are very popular in Samara. You can choose a boat tour which activity interests you the most: fishing, looking for dolphins and turtles, snorkeling or diving exploring the beauty of the cost.


Behind the coral reef, you can explore the tropical marine life, play with the dolphins and even ship over to a nearby beach admire the nesting turtles.


You can stop and snorkel and dive. Snorkelers can expect to see abundant angelfish, blue-stripped grunts, schoolmaster snappers and hundreds of other varieties.


You can reach the island of our bay, Isla Chora and spend a few hours on the desert islands and soak up the sun on the beach. Sunset trips are also available.


The smaller boats used during the tour is the traditional Costa Rican boat, are called panga.

Sport Fishing Tour

Sport Fishing Tour is an alternative, which can be done half day or full day. The most common form of sport fishing is done with a rod, reel, line, hooks and any one of a wide range of rods.


When angling, it is sometimes expected or required that the fish be returned to the water. Much depends of the kind of fish you catch.


Costa Rica is a fishing Mecca. Costa Rica is home to some of the best sport fishing and deep sea fishing in the world. Be prepared to catch Yellow Fin Tuna, Black Fin Tuna, , Black Marlin, Sailfish, Grouper, Snapper, Roosterfish, Snook, Dorado, Blue Marlin and others.


With its many beaches and temperate climate it is an anglers paradise, consistent throughout the year.


Some of the most common fish in Costa Rican Pacific Ocean.

Canopy Tour:

Wing Nuts Canopy Tour is a family-owned operation and is offering "safe & fun" canopy excursion for small groups. The Tours are at a laid-back "Tico" pace (approximately 2 hours) with plenty of unique photo opportunities.

Experience the tropical forest from the viewpoint of butterflies, monkeys, iguanas, birds, and the rest of the tree dwellers. Wing Nuts is offering tours 3 times daily. On request you will be picked up at the reception of the Hotel Mirador Wing Nuts Canopy Tour offers


Samara and its surrounding areas offer the perfect setting for horsebacktours. You will be accompanied by a guide on a 4 -5 hours tour, who will lead you through little known jungle trails and deserted beaches, crossing rivers. Experience the exotic wildlife which includes monkeys, iguanas and so many others interesting to see. Colorful birds can be seen everywhere in the majestic trees while riding through the forests.

Spanish Courses:

Learn Spanish in Sámara. Intercultura Samara Language School offers intensive Spanish courses at a brand new study center overlooking the ocean, at beautiful Samara Beach. Students learn in interactive small groups with university certified professors. Also cultural activities such as Latin dance, tours etc.

Walking 2 km south along the beach brings you to the fishing community of Matapalo. The beach is littered with broken corals which inhabit the reef and sea bottom of the southern part of the bay. The shallow waters here are great for Snorkeling.

Diving and Snorkeling

Diving and Snorkeling is also excellent at the far northern end of Samara where the reef closes up to the beach. The reef is one of the few ones found on the Costa Rican Pacific side and in dry season you enjoy crystal clear waters. You will see schools of yellow jacks, pork fish, manta rays, and star fish, among many others.


Next to the reef is Chora Island which is home to colonies of maritime birds. With an ocean kayak you can paddle to the island and enjoy escapism on a gorgeous pink sand beach.


The chest-deep water and easy surf in the bay is perfect for beginners learning to surf. More challenging waves for the pros are found 12 km south of Samara, on Playa Camaronal.


Other water sports offered in Samara include, sport fishing, or kayaking along the coast or into the river estuary of the Rio Ora.


Other activities and creational programs in and around Samara that might wake your interest: Yoga Classes Coccking Classes Golf Ultra Light Tours Visit Nicoya, the cultural and business capital of Guanacaste ( 30 min ) Massage School

Bird Watching

Bird Watching… read about the exciting bird watching experience of a Mirador hotel guest…


The bird watching from the surrounding verandah of the Mirador is the best that has been personally experienced by this enthusiast.


Each morning in July members of my family would get up and have a quiet cup of coffee, waiting for the first arrivals. The day begins early in Samara because the people of the village are an industrious lot and are up and going. Facing west, the side porch looks off into the side yard of the Mirador where there are a number of trees and bushes with berries on them, and this environment attracts many of the small, berry-loving birds. Another attraction on this side of the hotel is the large variety of trees with canopies. Facing south from the actual front of the hotel, one can look at the Playa Samara, and the Pacific Ocean in the distance, and in the immediate foreground are some palm trees and some other large trees with canopies. In the immediate yard is a series of ficus trees which also attract birds.


The hotel is a fine place for relaxing, for enjoying the birding and for living, and the added attraction of the tower, which looks right out over the canopies, is a great bonus. Members of my family were able to positively identify 45 different species of birds between July 3 and July 26, with the largest variety being in the first two weeks, or "Little Summer."


These birds were seen from the porch or the tower:


These birds were seen on the beach: