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Neighboring Beaches

Principal Beaches

Playa Carrillo:

Three kilometers south of Sámara Beach is its sister beach, Carrillo. Similar to Sámara, Carrillo is a laidback beach town, but on a much smaller scale than its larger neighbor. Here, visitors can enjoy some quality rest and relaxation as distractions are few and noise is minimal. This beach, which has stunning views and sunsets, is easily one of the best in Costa Rica. Instead of the development seen lining many of Costa Rica's most popular beaches, you'll see nothing but palm trees on Carrillo's empty shore>
Puerto Carrillo is only a tiny fishermen village whose protected cove offers safe anchoring for the sport fishing fleet of Samara and visiting sail boats.


Playa CarrilloPlaya Carrillo


Taking a day trip to the north direction Nosara you will discover another 3  - 4 different beaches, each with its own distinctive charm and activities. Back to top

Playa Garza:

6 kms before reaching the beaches of Nosara you pass through the small fishermen village of Playa Garza.
An offshore reef protects the crescent bay with its broad, white-sand beach. Here you can have a break under the palm trees and take a refreshing swim in the calm waters. Playa Garza is Nosara's anchor and launching spot for sport fishing and boat trips. Fishing interested can check for a tour with one of the local operators in Playa Garza.  As of now there are no hotels or cabinas in Playa Garza.Back to top


Playa Garza Costa Rica beachPlaya Garza Costa Rica


Playa Guiones:

The main beach of Nosara is Playa Guiones, a 6 km long white sand running in a straight line from Punta Pelada to Punta Guiones in the south. Playa Guiones is one of the best surf spots in Costa Rica. The beach offers easy access and the surf is consistent with long beach breaks, both lefts and rights. At the very south of Playa Guiones is Playa Rosada which boasts a rare stretch of pink sand. For most of the time it is deserted and you can wallow in sun-warmed tide pools or take a look underwater with your snorkeling gear.Back to top


Playa Guiones Costa Rica beachPlaya Guiones Costa Rica


Playa Pelada:

North of Playa Guiones, is the shellcovered beach of Playa Pelada. Watch out for the blow hole in the rocks where you can take a natural shower. The blow is at its best during the transition of the tides.
The beach of Playa Pelada is protected by an offshore barrier reef which makes it well suited for swimming.
Towards the northern part of the bay you find tidal pools, and a rocky part with caves, one of them housing a bat colony.
At low tide you can continue north from Playa Pelada past the rocky cliff until the estuary of the Rio Nosara. Wading through the river brings you to Playa Nosara, the most remote of the Nosara beaches. The black-sand beach is backed by mangroves and runs into the turtle beach of Ostional.
The waves in front of Playa Nosara are among the tallest in Costa Rica. The surf is for experienced surfers, and swimming is not advisable due to the strong currents.Back to top


Playa Pelada Costa Rica beachPlaya Pelada Costa Rica