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Rules and Regulations

The Mirador Resort Condominium Association Rules and Regulations

This document outlines the rights and obligations of the Condominium Owners as well as the rights and obligations of Management regarding the use of The Mirador Condominium Resort, Playa Samara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Unless otherwise specified in an Annual Condo Association Meeting these rules and Regulations might be modified.


An Annual Owner meeting will be held in the community at the time designated by the President of the Holding Corporation. Each owner will be notified by email, or fax. If you cannot attend you can appoint a proxy.  In this meeting the condominium bylaws  and annual budget will be discussed and voted on and is passed by the owners of a majority of the units. So the existing Rules and Regulations may change or be revoked and may also make additional rules as necessary for the safety and protection of the building and their occupants to provide cleanliness and good order of the condominium property and to assure the comfort and convenience of the unit owners.

The President of the Corporation is Max Gerd Mahlich, a 15 year  resident of Samara, developer of this project. He will be responsible for the management, maintenance, rental pool, paying the property taxes, company taxes etc. He lives in the Resort.

Mr Max Mahlicch has worked for more than 16 years in the construction and tourism industry in the Canary islands/Spain. He received a master of Arts Degree from the University of Cologne (Germany). He will be responsible for the management, maintenance, rental pool, paying the property taxes, company taxes etc. He lives in the Resort.

Common areas: All condo owners share title to common areas.
Common areas of the condo association are  the swimming pool, swimming pool decks, and the area around the resort, the garden, the parking site, steps in the building, steps in the garden, BBQ area a possible rooftop garden, the land, roofs, exterior of the buildings – any area used by multiple owners are under shared ownership. Each unit owner holds an interest in these spaces.


Maintenance of the common areas: The Mirador Maintenance fees cover the following items:

Maintenance  Costs: The estimated Maintenance Costs for each Condo owner is about $ 170 per month. There will be a difference of 25 % of the monthly amount depending, if you own a 1 bed/bath or 2 bed/bath condominium. Each owner will receive a detailed report of the monthly fees. Each owner has the right to see all documents, bills and books that are related to the management of the Mirador Resort.



Staffing: Management will be responsible for the compensation and training of the full-time staff to run the Mirador Resort and maintain the property in working condition for the arrival of any guests.



Legal: Management will ensure that the business complies with all local laws and regulations.



The use of the pool is restricted to Residents and Guests
Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult
Any kind of glassware is prohibited in the pool area
Please deposit all trash in trash bins before leaving the area
Pets are not allowed in the pool area
Please don’t use any skin cream before entering into the pool


Dogs: A resident may keep at most 1 dog per unit unless written permission is granted by the Association.


Guests: Owners will notify the Association in advance of the arrival and departure of guests who have the permission to use a unit in the owners absence.


Changes: No changes can be made to the outside of the building. Inside your apartment, you can make changes/modifications as long as they are not structural. In any case, written approval by the management team must be requested.


Rental Pool: The condominium owners have the option to put a certain number of weeks which they don’t use in the Rental Pool at the beginning of the calendar year and receive rental income through the managements rental marketing system.  In this case the management takes care of the promotion, advertising… to achieve a high occupancy for those owners who decide to use the rental pool. The owner will be paid 60 % of the rental price, if their condo is rented.
In case you decide to manage yourself renting your condo we  will help you with the daily cleaning, changing towels, linens, also the transfer, if wanted etc. In this case you only have to pay the costs of the maid, cleaning material etc.


Mirador Resort Business Plan
Rules and Regulations