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The Mirador Resort Tropical Fruits

Costa Rica is a great place to find exotic tropical fruits. As a healthy minded person, here are some that you should during your stay in theis country. Even if you have consumed them †before, the flavor is much more rich when produced in tropical weather and purchased fresh. Once youíve tried them all separately, the options for fruitdrinks is endless, where all flavors and juices combine into a delicious fusion.

Here are our favorites:


These are small round green fruits. You eat them with your hand and open the shell (similar in thickness to a peanut shell) to enjoy the inner side. You canít make any type of juice out of this fruit, but its flavor is a must to taste.

Mamon Chinos

Perhaps even more common their brother, mamon chinos are very tropical looking brilliant colored fruit with a soft tentacle like texture. As with mamones, you can easily crack the shell to reveal a large grape-like interior that is delicious and fun to eat, just donít swallow the seed!

Pejibaye (pay-hee-ba-yay)

This is a dry orange fruit, usually mistaken to be considered a veggie for its fibrous texture. It is part of the Coconut family and popular among Costa Ricans as this is a very typical snack to offer and eat with mayonnaise. You can buy it everywhere all year long, and there is even a festival honoring the fruit. Try to eat them sparingly as they are high in fat!


Definitely an exotic flavor. Pink on the inside, green in the outside with small round seeds. This fruit grows mostly in terrains where the weather is chilly even if its sunny. Usually itís used to make jam, but eating it as soon as you pick it from the tree doesnít compare with anything.


In English, Passion Fruit. Its extreme noticeable flavor canít be masked no matter how you eat it. One of he most amazing fruits used to make sauces, drinks, smoothies, salads, among others.


Perfect for juices. Its refreshing and sweet - sour, and its common to eat it as it is with salt. But you will find it mostly as a drink.


This tropical treat in the U.S. literally grows on trees throughout Costa Rica, especially in the Guanacaste province where you can find them on the sides of the street all over the place. Instead of waiting for the mangoes to turn a bright pink color and soft and sweet inside, many people eat green mangoes, sliced with salt and lime.


This fruit grows in hot weather in a tree called the Tamarindo. The fruit is usually used dried in sweet sauces or juice. Itís simple to identify because of its refreshing sour flavor and light brownish color, it will make a perfect juice for a really warm day.


This fruit is rare to find, though in Costa Rica itís as common as french fries! The fruit grows in the tops of a tree also called MaraŮůn and its seed is the cashew seed (do not eat it off the tree as itís very bitter). The rest of the fruit is so juicy that you will need a napkin to eat it! Amazing flavor and juice!


These giant fruits are plentiful all over the country, especially in warmer and coastal areas. In town plazas you will find people selling ďpipasĒ, which are coconuts with a hole in the top so you can drink the sweet, refreshing water on a hot day. Coconut pulp is also a popular ingredient in sweets in Costa Rica.